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What We Do

We are a concierge law firm focused on legal & life problem-solving and prevention.




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Neutral third-party, out of court negotiations of settlement agreements. Mediation is great for people who wish to stay out of court through life's transitions.

Taking cases to court is expensive in time, money, emotions and energy and it usually results in both parties being unhappy. Submitting your case to court is a delegation of your choice to a judge. Further, the law is written to generalize to the masses which limits the options for outcomes. If you want to walk away with a creative solution for transition, mediation is worth consideration. Mediation builds on commonalities, rather than proving blame.

Hiring an attorney-mediator provides an added layer of expertise for increased understanding of how other systems will respond to the conflict and helps parties stay true to their fundamental interests rather than the conflict itself.

Approachable, Affordable & Accessible



My law practice is a concierge practice offering unbundled legal services for life transition. We focus on life and legal problem solving and prevention. I’m a not-so-average attorney offering an unparalleled presence during transitions. In fact, though I get the legal stuff done, it’s the smallest part of what I do.

As a Usui Reiki Master, my goal with everyone I work with is to proceed in harmony despite the sometimes rocky nature of change. Sometimes, I work with businesses seeking to improve service delivery, and at other times, I work with traumatized people who are in the process of reclaiming life.

I intentionally keep my hourly rates affordable and I do this by foregoing the typical trappings of the legal profession. I don’t have a fancy office, do my best to stay out of suits, and I work virtually, in the community, or at client spaces.

I believe the law is an important part of our lives, and I choose to contribute to my profession by empowering and coaching people. There are a gazillion litigators happy to take the money, but there are few who seek to give the law back to the people.

Got a conundrum and need somebody to anchor one end of the rope while you build that bridge? Give a call at 253-205-6685! I want in on that.


"I hired Aimee as a consulting attorney on my family law case. She was extremely responsive, kind, and most importantly very knowledgeable. I would recommend Aimee to anyone looking to hire a consulting attorney."

~Michelle | Sept. 2019


"Aimee Champion provides prompt, informative and educational insight regarding the law. She’s my go-to resource for any law related questions. I highly recommend calling Aimee if you need a friend in the law.."

~Anonymous | Dec.  2017

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