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How can we be of service to you
  • Please be aware that many issues require additional time. An introductory 30 minute phone consultation is suggested and will provide the best recommendation possible with a good idea of next steps based on the information given. At the conclusion of the 30 minute phone consultation, we will discuss whether or not it makes sense to establish an ongoing relationship.

  • Scheduling this 30 minute session provides advice and consultation ONLY and that it does not constitute an ongoing attorney-client relationship; and does not mean that I, Aimee Champion, represent individual(s) in court or that I will provide further services.

  • Upon deciding to schedule a 30 minute phone consultation, our conversation is protected by attorney-client privilege, but that protection may be limited if individual(s) bring other people into the session. 

  • Aimee Champion does not specialize in one particular area of law.

Thank you for your submission.

Never submit sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or passwords.

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