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Resiliency, Boundaries and Capacity

I believe in autonomy.

Personal autonomy, put simply, is the reality that we have the capacity to make our own choices without being bound to any social expectation. In the United States, we also have political autonomy under the law. In other words, this means that the intention of our legal system is to respect, honor and abide by our choices for ourselves. Although we have the capacity, and legal right to make choices for ourselves, in the United States, most choose to live as social beings. In fact, it’s hard to live in the Unites States without running into other people. That’s where things get sticky! The choices we make have a ripple effect for others around us; whether we intend it or not. For the protections of our autonomy, we accept the responsibilities of living socially. Many people choose to subscribe to a religion, political philosophy, or evolving community norms to provide daily reminders of their responsibility. Although these are rich sources of perspective individually, using them as cheat sheets when making choices in a social context often leads to significant conflict regarding our sense of self. If you are doing things that you don’t know how or can’t explain why; it’s a really good sign that you’re on autopilot, and not taking full responsibility for the process of making choices. Working on a practice of mindfulness can significantly increase the harmony between your personal and political autonomy.  

Mindful people consider many perspectives in making choices. It's a great deal of work that is often overlooked in the race to achieve. Mindfulness isn’t about worrying about everyone else, rather it is an increased awareness of the ripples we create. When we are aware of what the results of our choices might be, we make stronger choices which ultimately gives us flexibility in moving forward in life. When we encounter obstacles, we have a much deeper understanding of our own resiliency, boundaries and capacity.


If you are one of many who seek mindfulness in navigating the chaos of all aspects of life and business but need support in assessing perspectives, risks or opportunities, you might consider hiring an advisor. Whether your conundrum is one of personal alignment or a function of the context you live in – personal and business relationships, the law, religious doctrine or what’s happening in your community - having a formally educated, but spiritually centered ear can expand your awareness, build your mindfulness and boost confidence in the decisions you make.


I’m Aimee Champion, and I am Professional Problem Solver. I am a licensed attorney in Washington State with a background in social work. I am also a Usui Reiki Master. I am able to facilitate your understanding of what's holding you back and help you uncover your values as we work together to plot your pathway in our social world. Strategic Navigation through life requires that you not only center yourself, but that you have a good understanding of the systems you will encounter. My personal and professional experiences allow me to help you identify options and consequences within the social context.  The beauty of the law school experience is how it prepares the student to think. Advising is different than specific issue legal services in that most people don't seek an attorney until they want or are being sued in a court of law. Advising helps you identify potential roadblocks and facilitates ethical and harmonious movement toward your personal and political autonomy.


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