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Community-based conflict prevention and resolution


Neutral third-party, out of court negotiations of settlement agreements. Mediation is great for people who wish to stay our of court through life's transitions.

Taking cases to court is expensive in time, money, emotions and energy and it usually results in both parties being unhappy. Submitting your case to court is a delegation of your choice to a judge. Further, the law is written to generalize to the masses which limits the options for outcomes. If you want to walk away with a creative solution for transition, mediation is worth consideration. Mediation builds on commonalities, rather than proving blame.

Hiring an attorney-mediator provides an added layer of expertise for increased understanding of how other systems will respond to the conflict and helps parties stay true to their fundamental interests rather than the conflict itself.


                            Pricing:                                 $150/hr/pp     $300/nonrefundable deposit to book

                            Hours/Location:                  2 hour minimum, up to 6 hours per day - flexible scheduling/neutral location

                            Information Gathering:      Upon inquiry, each party will complete an intake to

                                                                          identify competing perspective and interests.

Individual Consultations:

Our legal and regulatory systems were designed by and for the people. However, they have become unreachable for most, especially in emotionally-charged matters. Often, when confronted with life circumstances that require the use of the legal or regulatory system, people feel overwhelmed, under-prepared and priced out. Hiring a consulting attorney provides a pathway for people to learn and apply new understandings and skills. Whether it's help writing documents, getting a crash course on procedure, or simply brainstorming on strategy, a consulting attorney can elevate your own sense of self.


                           Pricing:                                   $150/hr

                           Hours/Location:                    Flexible scheduling - early morning, evening, weekend times available/phone, 

                                                                           video-conferencing, in-person

                           Information Gathering:        Requires an initial consultation to determine fit - 1 hour, $150


Strategic Planning, Advocacy & Change Management:

Organizations and businesses of all types seek consultation for all phases of development and service delivery. Whether your business needs help planning, evaluating or implementing change, a savvy consultant can manage that process while you focus on day-to-day operations. Hiring a consulting attorney to manage business change efforts ensures compliance with laws, regulations and industry standards while honoring your organizational culture.


                            Pricing:                                  $varies. Hourly or project-based

                            Hours/Location:                   Flexible scheduling, on-site at business

                            Information Gathering:       Requires an initial intake meeting - no charge

General Retainer Packages:

During times of change, sometimes you just need a different perspective. Low-cost general retainer packages for individuals and organizations are available with terms negotiated at the time of execution.

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