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We aren’t your traditional law office. We take pride in helping our clients navigate change; in fact, that's our focus. Whether that is a traumatic life event or a change in the landscape of your business, we approach the need for change as an opportunity to further define your individual sense of integration in a world of competing interests..

As adults, we make decisions every day. Some decisions are easy, while others form the foundation for
the rest of our lives, or in the case of businesses, our sustainability.

As adults, we generally seek guidance and input from our natural support systems, but these natural
support systems are often made of people with a vested interest in the outcomes. Our family and
friends, our employees, our funders and customers have perspectives and expectations, related to their desires, too.

What if, when making decisions, you had a trusted advisor, without an attachment to the outcomes?
What if, when making decisions, you had someone who could help along each step of the process
without having their own desires impeding neutrality? Someone who could help define the issue and
your values, generate alternatives, evaluate and select a course of action and implement solutions?
That’s where we come in.


We bring a systems perspective in supported decision making. This means that we bring our extensive personal and professional experience from the fields of social work, health, the law, social research and mindfulness to the forefront of understanding your circumstances and goals. With a systemic approach, we creativity guide you through the generation of ideas for alternatives, we help you weigh those alternatives and we help you strategize the implementation of your decisions.

Examples of what we do:


With Businesses and Organizations:

  • Manage strategic organizational life cycle growth through evaluation and revision of programs, policies and procedures in alignment with regulatory and accreditation standards.

  • Write reports, funding appeals and grants, position papers, "how to's"

  • Develop and conduct trainings and facilitate meetings

  • Provide technical assistance in program evaluation, efficiency of processes and interpretation of technical data

  • Lead small and non-profit business formation

With Individuals:

  • Empower people in self advocacy, coach clients in litigation

  • Teach people about what the law says, what it means and how it applies to their lives

  • Integrate personal values into daily functioning and operations

  • Support people with disabilities create meaningful accommodations for inclusion

  • Negotiate and mediate

  • Draft and review basic legal documents (wills, contracts, healthcare directives, disputes settlements)

Our Prices and Fees:
We are committed to affordable solutions. We offer hourly rates as low as $150, retainer agreements, and project-based fees.

1 Hour consultations are always available for $150. These consultations are designed to hear your story, provide you with a good understanding of your options and the associated processes and give you a brief legal opinion. Our goal is for you to walk away with a vision of your next steps. Please note: consultation is not representation.

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