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Professional Overview

Private Practice Attorney

2008-2016; 2017-present

Organizational Attorney


Public Service Employee

Public Health, 2000-2007

Nonprofit Leader

1995-1999, 2008-2010, 2011-2016


1999; 2011-2015

Public Service Volunteer



Associate / Developmental Disabilities

Bachelor /  Social Work

Master / Public Administration

Doctorate  / Juris Doctorate

Hi! I'm Aimee Champion. I'm anything but conventional. I began my study of law and policy in America; informally, with the appointment of Justice O'Conner to the Supreme Court, as a wee person. Eventually, I attended Seattle University School of Law and opened a general practice in November of 2008. Here's where it gets really  interesting!

Although I had certainly experienced a variety of personal traumas in life, nothing prepared me for what was to come. In 2009, I was diagnosed with the BRCA gene. As a matter of preventing cancer, I opted for preventative surgeries, including a total hysterectomy, oopherectomy and double mastectomies. During one of the last surgeries, I lost too much blood and died on the operating table. That makes me what we call a near-death experiencer. It would take years to fully grasp that experience and the spiritual awareness that I gained. Meanwhile, on the medical side, I sustained an anoxic brain injury which left 15 randomly spaced lesions causing all kinds of neuro-atypicality. Like the spiritual side, it would take years for science to unravel the causes of my seemingly bizarre behavior, my failing executive functioning and downright wicked attitude. During that time, I stepped away from my practice in order to regain soulful control of my human. Much remains the same - my commitment to teaching, coaching, and improvement of life experience still defines what I do.

I'm a professional problem solver, who happens to have experienced life, death, and crisis many times over. What this means for the people and organizations I work with is that I really do know enough about a lot of things to facilitate growth and empowerment. My experiences - from medical, to spiritual, to being a foster-to-adopt mom, have all given me insight into how humanity's law-defined systems work. I have literally seen the many cracks, but I'm here; more resilient than ever, with an understanding of how we can scrape and claw our way back to the light within us. I focus today on HOW I practice law rather than WHAT law I practice.

My motto: Sometimes it is the process that teaches the most.

I'm interested in working with individuals, organizations and businesses who are future-focused on integration of experience-as-teacher. Life is only bad, sad, and disharmonious if we say it is. I'm here to help you find your good and your light. All problems have a solution. The first step is a simple email.

I'm available for personal and organizational consultation; projects; speaking engagements and general legal representation. Although I'm not free, I keep my rates low as a moral commitment to access to governance and justice for everyone. I've structured my practice to reduce my costs in order to prevent the feeling that I need to charge high rates to cover the cost of, rent, double utilities charges, etc. I work from home and make house or coffee shop calls.

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